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For a full list of files please go to ftol download page in SourceForge. (only the source code and the binary. For icons and maps look in this page)
Version 0.98
  • FTOL binary    [zip]  313 Kb. (link to SourceForge)
To install unzip the file in a directory with create directories option (can be installed over a previous version).
  • XML patch    [zip]  505 Kb. (link to SourceForge)
Only if FTOL binary fails to run. First install FTOL binary v0.98 and patch it with the contents of the zip.
  • Source code     [jar]  256 Kb. (link to SourceForge)
FTOL java source code with all the resources.
JAR files can be opened with all zip utilities.
  • Example icons     [zip]  66 Kb.
Unzip the file in the ICONS subdirectory with the create directories option.
In this file are included some generic icons, other Team Fortress specific icons and some Counter Strike specific icons. This last ones are property of Greg Fleming (Copyright ©2002 Greg Fleming de Dark Project Studios).
  • Text maps     [zip]  466 Kb.
Unzip this file inf the MAPS subdirectory.
Two maps included:
      • cs_aztec.gif
      • tfc_2fort.gif
  • KLBA clan pack     [zip]   8.398 Kb.
Created by Ash from KLBA, contains: FTOL version 0.97, the example icons, 26 maps for Counter Strike and 15 maps for Team Fortress Classic. To install unzip it in a fresh directory with the subdirectories option.

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