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Version 0.98  -  27/03/2004
New features:
  • New tactics file format: can load and save tactics in a file.
  • Allow the public to private map conversion.
  • Multiple selected objects movements in maps.
  • Fixed 0.97 bugs.

Version 0.97  -  31/08/2003
  • Added a permission manager like SatStrat. There are four levels: administrator, map and chat, only chat and blocked. When creating a server a default permission level can be defined and once a session is started only an administrator can change the users permission level.
  • Subdirectories in the maps directory are now allowed.
  • Multilanguage version. Its now possible to easily translate FTOL only by creating a new file in the lang subdirectory.

Bugs:   Same as 0.96!

Version 0.96  -  22/03/2003
  • Three kind of sessions: server, client or off line.
  • Unlimited map load (public or private).
  • Private to public map conversion.
  • Icon behavior like Windows explorer.
  • Users can add new icons to FTOL to use them in the maps.
  • Multiinstance: FTOL can have several instances running at the same time in one machine.
  • Server synchronization button.
  • User list repaint problem when connecting to a server.
  • Chat panel scroll bar sometimes dont work ok.

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Copyright (C) 2002-2004, Pablo "Taradin" Espartero.
mail: klbaftol @ telefonica dot net